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Consulting Services

The majority of our combined experience of over 50 years is in sales and sales management. That experience is available to help you build your sales team, or improve the one you have. We offer a complete range of services from a short session with ideas for you to implement, to a full time management situation.

We have particular expertise in the fields of light and medium duty commercial trucks, as well as the auto dealer business in general. Terry worked at the dealership level for 25 years, and Ryan for over 10 years. In addition, Terry worked for a major truck body manufacturer for 10 years, calling on auto truck dealers and using his expertise in this field to help train and improve numerous commercial truck operations. In February of 2012, Terry published his ground-breaking book, Commercial Truck Success to help all dealers to be more successful and profitable in the commercial truck market within a retail auto dealership. Terry has also owned three other retail businesses. All that experience in addition to our own businesses today.

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All of our experience is among the best training for any retail operation. As a result, it is a perfect way to help most businesses improve the sales and sales management aspects of their business. Call us today for a free consultation to determine if and how we might help you in your business.