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The Team

There are currently seven people on our team. Four bloggers, two graphic designers, and then Ryan and Terry. Because Ryan and Terry interact with clients and prospects, we are listed here. Everyone else enjoys their anonymity, but rest assured that there are people getting the work done in a timely and professional manner. All of these team members have been with us for quite some time, and Ryan and Terry appreciate that stability. Yes, absolutely! You will too!

Our goal is very simple: Help you grow your business. Everything that we do is aimed at helping you grow your business, from our Internet tools and packages, to consulting services, to sales management. We didn’t get into this business to sell websites. We got into it from our business background to help people grow their business, and the Internet is such a valuable tool in helping to achieve that. And, we’ve done it inexpensive enough that any business can afford it–and thrive with it.

Being effective on the Internet is much more than just having a website, so we help you by not only having an effective website, but put signs all over the Internet directing people to your business enterprises. We do this through the use of various Internet properties, all in concert toward growing your Internet presence and expanding your businesses influence and success.

It is our sales management experience that helps drive our focus on improving your bottom line. Between Terry and Ryan, we have over 50 years of sales and sales management experience in a variety of fields. This experience is invaluable in helping small businesses increase their marketing and sales effectiveness and profitability.